UEC-Perm Engines started new production development projects


To prepare UEC’s manufacturing system for a higher order under public contract for PS-90A, PD-14, and PD-8 engines, the engineer of UEC-Perm Engines (part of Rostec United Engine Corporation) together with their colleagues from other enterprises of the corporation have developed projects to improve the production system of the factory under the Impetus for Development Program.

The Impetus for Development Program united efforts of four project teams in three areas. The first one is to increase the shops capacity for the upcoming implementation of the production program. The second one is to supplement the Perm Engines’ action plan in order to reach the increased volume of aircraft engines production. The third area is to design new facilities to make 160 PD-14s per year using lean principles.

The project teams consisted of engineers from UEC, UEC-Kuznetsov, UEC-Saturn, UEC-Aviadvigatel, UEC-Gas Turbines, 218 ARZ with best practices and different approaches to address these challenges. The engineers have analyzed performance of the factory shops and identified the key drivers for the production program implementation. The action plans were developed, including step-by-step changes in the production preparation and setup. The implementation of all the planned activities will increase the output.

Some plan’s activities has already begun. A single window concept is being implemented in the Machining Shop No. 30 to optimize internal planning, thereby reducing the time required to make decisions on production issues. Within the Mechanical Assembly Shop No. 41, an automatic warning of employees about the need for timely execution of a tool order is being implemented to ensure paced work. In addition, there will be capabilities for on-line applications in electronic format. The Repair Shop No. 19 has developed advanced work benches for timely tracking of the product procurement process and prompt decision-making in case of issues during the production plan. The Machining Shop No.33 makes room for, disposes of unused containers, to provide free access to parts and reduce the time required to find the right components.

At the final meeting of the management board of the Impetus Program, project managers and shop supervisors successfully justified the effectiveness of the proposed changes to the corporate management. The top-quality and most active staff were awarded letters of appreciation. The projects that will be successfully completed in four shops and will lead to an increase in their capacity will be further implemented in other shops of the factory.

“The main objective and goal of the Impetus activity is to seek, by applying the principles and tool of the lean production, for such solutions that will allow for a production optimization and increase the capacity of shops without large investments. We are taking the course of identifying limitations and removing them step by step. The implementation of all the actions developed is scheduled to be complete by the end of 2023. The engineers from the corporation's enterprises, who were involved in the project implementation, will continue collaboration with Perm engine builders until all tasks are fulfilled,” says Andrey Ushakov, Director of Production System Development, UEC-Perm Engines.

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