UEC-Perm Engines offered more than a thousand vacancies


In April, the enterprises of UEC-Perm Engines Research and Production Complex (UEC-Aviadvigatel and UEC-Perm Engines, part of Rostec United Engine Corporation) took part in the regional stage of the first All-Russian Job Fair “The Work of Russia. Time of Opportunities” organized by Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of the Russian Federation.

“The Job Fair is a place where applicants and employers combine their efforts. The time of industrial production growth started in Russia, and large enterprises of the region began to experience serious staff shortage. On the other hand, applicants are looking for better working environment: today there are two or three job offers for each unemployed person”, emphasized Pavel Fokin, Minister of Social Development of Perm Krai, at the opening of the fair.

Enterprises of UEC-Perm Engines Research and Production Complex provided vacancies both for technical specialist and qualified workers, and for graduates of technical schools, colleges and universities, who are deciding on their future job. Vacancies with training were also offered to those who do not have the necessary specialization: today there is an opportunity to get a profession at the factory’s training center and then to get a permanent employment in production.

Maria Gavrilova from Perm got the profession of the printing equipment adjuster of sixth grade but has not yet found a job in this field. “I was offered several job options with training. I understand that engine-building factory has its own specific features but I am ready to study because any additional training means new opportunities in the future”, Maria said.

“Today we offer each employee not only decent working conditions and remuneration, but also social support. This includes compensation for hot meals, partial payment of rented accommodation, assistance in mortgage repayments, company transportation to work from remote areas, sanatorium-and-health-resort recuperation, medical appointments in the factory’s health center”, said Tatiana Snitko, ad interim HR Director at UEC-Perm Engines.

HR Department specialists of the enterprises of UEC-Perm Engines Research and Production Complex conducted more than 500 interview with the Job Fair visitors. Candidates filled more than 100 application forms. Perm citizen showed the greatest interest to the vacancies that can be taken after training on short-term courses in the training center of UEC-Perm Engines. There you can get professions as a turner, milling-machine operator, grinder, and quality inspector. This is a great opportunity for adults to change the direction of their career.

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