Perm Engines Research and Production Complex specialists received awards from the Union of Aviation Engine Building


Specialists of Perm Engines Research and Production Complex (part of Rostec United Engine Corporation) were honored with awards from the International Association "Union of Aviation Engine Building" (ASSAD) for their great personal contribution to the development of the Russian aircraft industry and many years of conscientious work.

In 2024, JSC UEC-Perm Engines will celebrate its 90th anniversary, while JSC UEC-Aviadvigatel will celebrate its 85th anniversary. The jubilee year for Perm Engine manufacturers began with awards.

The title "Honored Aviation Engine Manufacturer of ACCAD" was awarded to Daniil Sulimov, Deputy General Designer–Chief Designer for GTU for power plants and their application facilities of JSC "UEC-Aviadvigatel".

Yevgeny Pavlov, Deputy Chief Designer-Deputy Head of the Design Bureau for “UEC-Aviadvigatel” Series, was awarded the Medal "For Dedication" of the III degree.

Specialists of UEC-Perm Engines received certificates of merit from the Union of Aviation Engine Building:

  • Vitaly Budura, Turner of the 5 grade of aviation and industrial engines repair shop;
  • Marina Perminova, Leading programmer engineer of automated control system department,
  • Svetlana Pershina, Senior inspector job foreman of the quality control bureau of the assembly shop;
  • Olga Silina, Construction metal worker of the 4 grade of the stamping shop.

Specialists of UEC-Aviadvigatel also received certificates of merit:

  • Andrey Dushko, Head of the leading department for PD-35 engine;
  • Elena Kulanova, Etcher of the 4 grade, engaged in metal etching in solutions containing harmful substances of hazard classes 1-2 or carcinogens of the foundry and thermal shop;
  • Olga Kurganova, Head of the team for production of design documentation of power utilities for aircraft engines and engines of ground application of the design department of power utilities;
  • Alexander Mitryashov, Team leader of the oil and hydraulic systems design department;
  • Andrey Mukhametdinov, Deputy head of the automated information and measurement systems department;
  • Alexey Pestov, Low-pressure compressor team leader of the compressor design department.

The award ceremony was held at the manufacturing site of the enterprises. The President of ASSAD, Victor Chuiko, presented the awards.

"I thank the workers of the Perm engine manufacturing enterprises for taking care of your design technology school. This is the guarantee of your successful work at all times. Do not slow down, constantly go forward and improve your work. You have a wonderful past, a beautiful present and, I have no doubt, a great future," said Victor Chuiko.

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