UEC-Perm Engines’ Athletes Become Winners of the May Day Relay Race


Team of UEC-Perm Engines (a part of Rostec United Engine Corporation) has taken part in the regional athletics relay race for the Zvezda newspaper’s prizes and took first place in the relay race of the first summer Spartakiade of the Perm companies.

160 teams has started the traditional May Day Relay Race, 23 of which at the same time competed for leadership in the first summer Spartakiade of the Perm companies.

Engine manufacturers have built a strong team of 14 runners who showed the best time in the 200 and 300 meter qualifying races. The team included both experienced athletes and newcomers who successfully came into the spotlight.

Athletes started and finished at the Dinamo stadium, and the relay route passed through the main streets of Perm center. Each team member ran one route stage, i.e. 200, 300 or 600 meters.

Igor Ostashev, Assembly Fitter, is one of the plant’s experienced athletes. He is participating in the races for the third year. “Sport is an integral part of my life. I like the feeling of excitement at competitions, I am interested in challenging stronger competitors, and there were quite a few of them at the relay race,” said Igor.

Evgeny Ivanov, Design Engineer, was competing for the UEC-Perm Engines’ team for the first time, but he was entrusted with the first stage, a 600-meter distance. A successful start of the young athlete motivated the whole team and led them to victory. “For me sport is not only physical training and competitions, it is my lifestyle, continuous improvement and skill mastering. It is a rare occasion when new members of the team are placed on the first stage of the relay, and I am glad that I did not fail, I was able to give it my all. All of us did their best, and the team spirit helped us win the race,” said Evgeny.

“Beginners and experienced runners side by side passed the test, showed high results and opened the summer sports season. It is important that each new victory inspires people to choose an active and healthy lifestyle,” noted Stella Emir-Veli, Head of Corporate Culture and Youth Policy Department, UEC-Perm Engines.

Sport competitions will continue in summer. On June 15 and 16, soccer, volleyball, basketball, track-and-field athletics, chess and competitions among sports families will be held as part of the first summer Spartakiade of the Perm companies.

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