Perm Engineers Unveil Plaques in Memory of Heroes of the Soviet Union


Near the central entrances of UEC-Aviadvigatel and UEC-Perm-Engines (part of Rostec United Engine Corporation) memorial plaques were unveiled to the 105th anniversary of Pavel K. Babailov, Hero of the Soviet Union, pilot, and to the 110th anniversary of Nikolai F. Krasnov, Hero of the Soviet Union, pilot.

The ceremony was attended by employees of the UEC-Aviadvigatel and UEC-Perm Engines, representatives of the governor's office of Perm krai, Sverdlovsky district of Perm, industrial enterprises of Perm, organisations of war and labour veterans, Young Army Cadets and students of Perm Industrial and Information Technology College named after B. Isgagin.

“Such people like Krasnov and Babailov are our pride. They had been working at our companies, and when hard times came, they volunteered for frontline duty to serve and fought on bravely. They belong to the cohort of air aces of our country. Nikolai Krasnov and Pavel Babaylov fought on La-5 aircrafts motored with Perm Ash-82 engines. These are the pilots who brought glory to our engine plant. We remember and honor our heroes,” says Sergei Kharin, Executive Director, UEC-Perm Engines.

Rashid Dzunza, Chairman of Perm municipal public organization “Perm Engines Veterans”, noted that today's celebration takes place in the year of the 90th anniversary of UEC-Perm Engines, of the 85th anniversary of UEC-Aviadvigatel, and on the eve of Victory Day celebrations.

“Preservation of historical memory and patriotic education of youth is a main line of work of our veteran organization. We tell young people about the great contribution of Perm engine manufacturers to the Victory. During the last three years of the war, the plant produced more than 31 thousand engines that motorized the combat fighters,” said Rashid Dzunza.

The participants of the ceremony paid attention to the fact that the place for placing the memorial plaques was not chosen by chance. Perm Engines’ employees, schoolchildren and students each time passing through the entrance will remember the heroic pilots, factory workers who gave their lives in the fight against fascism.

Pavel Babaylov worked as a projectionist in the club of the Stalin factory in Perm (nowadays UEC-Perm Engines JSC) before the war. He was a combatant at operations on the Karelian Isthmus. During the Great Patriotic War he was a squadron commander of the 163rd Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment of the 229th Fighter Aviation Division of the 4th Air Army of the 2nd Belorussian Front. Among the aces of the Great Patriotic War Pavel Babaylov was known as a master of air ram attack. At the same time, he always returned to his airfield. He aviated the La-5 fighter powered with the Perm ASh-82 engine. He saw the liberation of the Crimea, Belarus and Poland. In October 1944 when returning from reconnaissance he was shot down. By the time of his death he had 417 combat missions to his credit. He was engaged in 75 air combats. Pavel Babaylov personally destroyed 27 enemy fighters.

Nikolai Krasnov was a Hero of the Soviet Union, awarded the Order of Lenin, three Orders of the Red Banner, the Order of Alexander Nevsky and the Order of Patriotic War of the First Degree. Since 1938 he lived in Perm, where he tested engines of the Development Design Bureau-19 and Stalin Plant No. 19 on combat vehicles. On the fourth day of the war a rally of workers was held at the plant, where Nikolai Krasnov spoke. He pointed out that for the honor and freedom of the Motherland he would fight the subtle enemy until a complete victory, sparing neither his strength nor his life. And just a few days later, senior lieutenant Krasnov piloted his plane to the first combat mission. He aviated the La-5 fighter powered with the Perm ASh-82. Major Nikolai Krasnov completed 279 combat missions, fought 85 air combats, in which he personally shot down more than 30 enemy aircrafts. On January 29, 1945, Nikolai Krasnov was killed while performing a combat mission in Hungary. Just a few months before the end of the war Krasnov, already being in the rank of major, died while performing a combat mission.

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