“UEC-Aviadvigatel” continues hockey tradition


Teams of “UEC-Aviadvigatel” (part of Rostec United Engine Corporation) and “Mashinostroitel Perm Plant” met on the ice in the final game for the cup of Aleksandr Inozemtsev, Managing Director-General Designer of Perm Design Bureau. The game was held on June 2 at the Sukharev Sports Complex.

The hockey tournament for the cup of Managing Director-General Designer was organized in 2022 on the initiative of the Perm City Public Organization “Perm Engines Veterans”. This year six teams took part in it: “Aviadvigatel”, “Mashinostroitel”, “STAR”, “Reductor”, “Sintez” and “Motovilikha”.

“This tournament was organized three years ago and only two teams participated in it, now there are as many as six. When you watch from the stands, you get the impression of a professional game. It seems that today it was much hotter on the ice than outside. I hope that hockey in our country will continue to develop, and the number of teams will only increase. The overall goal of this tournament is to unite people, to raise the fighting, sports and production spirits. We thank the teams very much for the game,” said Takhir Khairulin, First Deputy Managing Director-General Designer, Head of the Experimental Design Bureau of JSC “UEC-Aviadvigatel”.

The players of the “Aviadvigatel” team are regular participants of this tournament, and they become finalists every time. This year they defeated “Reductor” and “STAR” teams, and in the game for the first place, the “Mashinostroitel” team won. Despite the fact that the teams are not professional, the games turned out to be exciting and dynamic. The players showed sportsmanship and, most importantly, team unity.

“In hockey you can’t just go out on the ice and skate, here each player is an important part of the team and is always focused on the game. The level of competition is getting higher, and we try to match it. Our company pays a lot of attention to sports and supports the employees who want to do it. The tournament is a great opportunity for them to prove themselves in sports,” shared Igor Buzmakov, a forward of the “Aviadvigatel” team and Chairman of the Youth Council of the Perm Design Bureau.

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