Legends of UEC-Perm Engines Hit the Screens


Perm Engine Building History Museum at UEC-Perm Engines (part of the Rostec United Engine Corporation) hosted the first official screening of the documentary “Perm Working Character”

The film tells the story of Russia as a great industrial power through the fate of Boris Georgievich Izgagin, General Director of the Perm Motorostroitel Production Association (1973-1986) and an honorary citizen of the Perm city. The film shows the history of mastering the production of rocket engines designed by Valentin Glushko RD-214, the largest helicopter gearbox VR-26, and aircraft engines designed by Pavel Solovyov.

Boris Georgievich has devoted 65 years of his life to the enterprise. His son Georgy Borisovich, who was the guest of honor at the screening, is more than 50. A former chief welder, he is now actively involved in community projects involving enterprise veterans and notes that the filmmakers particularly succeeded in developing the theme of public spirit. The first viewers praised the skills of cameraman Mikhail Turbovsky and Alexey Popov and the music by Dmitry Konyushevich.

The film was created as part of the project, which also includes a mobile photo exhibition “The Country of the Brave” and a web site about the industrial history of the Perm Krai - promstory.ru. On the big screen is a story about the people whose hard work and labor valor made the Perm engine building industry famous. In the region’s secondary schools, there is a photo exhibition that tells the story of aviation, key achievements and breakthrough technologies in aeronautical and space technology in a modern format. The web space includes materials on the history of mechanical engineering, documentaries, a library of books from the 1930s-2010s, video tours and information on educational institutions in Perm for future applicants.

Alexander Filipov, Head of the Sverdlovsky District of Perm, stressed that the enterprises of engine complex have always been a driver of district development. Today the district is being actively reconstructed and gives young people every opportunity to live, study, work and develop.

“The film consists of five short stories, each of which can become a topic for an interesting history lesson. The aim of the film is a true inspirational example for schoolchildren and students who have a goal to realize their potential for the benefit of the Perm Krai”, said Valeria Gavrilova, Director-Producer of the film and Head of Perm Engine Building History Museum at “UEC-Perm Engines”

Additional Information

The project “Perm Working Character” documentary was implemented by the Perm Engine Building History Museum of “UEC-Perm Engines” together with Perm City Public Organization “Veterans of Perm Engines” with the support of the Perm Krai Governor's Grant Fund. The authors of the project consider the film to be a worthy bid to win the first Russian industrial film competition, which was announced by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.

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