UEC-Perm Engines took part in the All-Russian Forum of Working Youth


Eleven representatives of JSC “UEC-Perm Engines” (a part of Rostec United Engine Corporation) participated in the XI All-Russian Forum of Working Youth, which was held in Perm in September. Six young employees of the enterprise took part in workshops, training sessions, thematic lectures, educational programs, open dialogues, and panel discussions. In addition, employees of UEC-Perm Engines served as experts, tutors (group leaders) and volunteers at the forum.

The meeting with Sergey Ryazansky, pilot-cosmonaut, Hero of the Russian Federation, who gave a lecture "Think Positive: Space Lessons for Modern Man", made the greatest impression on Tatyana Baidina, Measuring Instrument Supervisor of Shop 19.

“He told very interestingly about his journey to space and about the fact that working in a team you need to be able to negotiate with everyone and find an approach to everyone without losing your positive attitude,” she shared.

At the Forum, Tatyana was part of a team of 13 people working at industrial enterprises in Tomsk, Ryazan, Lipetsk, Ramenskoye, Izhevsk, and the Donetsk People's Republic.

“We became friends, exchanged contacts. Everyone was highly motivated and focused on their personal growth. I plan to continue developing my career at UEC-Perm Engines, and while communicating with my colleagues, I realized that our plant does an amazing job with younger generation,” Tatyana said.

As part of the excursion program, participants had an opportunity to choose to visit the regional enterprises that were rated among the best in terms of youth policy implementation. Two groups visited UEC-Perm Engines, where they learned about the work of the industrial engine assembly shop and visited the Museum of Perm Engine Manufacturing History.

Armen Arakelyan, Head of the Industrial Engine Assembly Shop, who was also invited as a speaker at the introductory session "Mission, Not a Job", guided the forum participants through the work sites, showed them the "live" engines assembled by the shop, spoke about their application areas and peculiarities of the assembly process.

“What impressed me the most was the cleanliness maintained in the shop and the culture of production. This is something we can learn from the plant. I also noticed how well the process chain is organized, how everything is optimized and adjusted,” shared Maxim Derbenev, Lead Designer for Advanced Development of A. Lyulka Design Bureau, branch of PJSC “UEC-Ufa Engine Industrial Association” after the excursion. “The shop head's story was very vivid – you could feel his passion for his work, he managed to arouse genuine interest in the design and assembly process of engines among the members of our group, including those working in other fields.”

In the Museum of Perm Engine Manufacturing History, the forum participants learned interesting facts from the chronicle of the industrial site and saw unique exhibits, most of which are real.

It is very important that representatives of working youth from different regions saw that our country manufactures good modern gas turbine aircraft engines, has mastered advanced technologies, and has people who are capable of solving the most complex tasks.

Stella Emir-Veli, Head of the Corporate Culture and Youth Policy Department of UEC-Perm Engines, participated as a mentor in the strategy session devoted to the tools and mechanisms for attracting young employees to enterprises, and was among the experts in finalizing the "Manifesto of the Opinion Leader of Working Youth". This is the final document of the forum, which includes a step-by-step plan for involving young people in the development of enterprises.

“The Forum is, first and foremost, a large and effective communication platform. Communication is what young people often lack. And here we established connections and interaction between representatives of different regions, enterprises, and organizations, thanks to which the forum participants learned many new and useful things,” says Stella Emir-Veli.

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