Enterprises of Perm Engines Research and Development Complex are participants of the Perm Engineering and Industrial Forum-2023


In November 2023, the enterprises of Perm Engines Research and Development Complex (part of Rostec United Engine Corporation) took part in the VIII Perm Engineering and Industrial Forum-2023, a huge industrial event in different regions of Russia.

Research and Development Complex representatives took part in the business program of the forum, the main topic of which was personnel issues: sourcing, attraction, training, motivating and keeping of people. The first day of the forum was dedicated to young people. HR specialists, top managers of enterprises and employees of Perm universities presented to school and university students the opportunities of career lift at the region enterprises.

The representatives of Perm Engines participated in the “Open Lesson” with directors and young specialists of the region leading industrial enterprises. The main message from the industrialists to young people is that there is a lot of different and interesting work at the plants. The quality of training combined with multidisciplinarity is at a great price.

“Today, Perm is the center of Russian aircraft engine building. We must not only produce engines and ensure safe operation, but also develop new ones. One of them is PD-35 engine, similar to which has never been produced in the history of our country. There are other projects that we must implement in the near future. That is why we need your minds, your hands. Learn faster! And come to our enterprise!” Aleksandr Inozemtsev welcomed the gathered young people.

Schoolchildren and students of the region's universities and technical schools, including Perm Technical School of Industrial Technologies, Perm Aviation Technical School, and the aerospace faculty of Perm National Research Polytechnic University, listened to the success stories of young specialists in the audience. Armen Arakelyan, who in five years made his career from a beginning engineer to the head of the assembly shop of gas turbine power plants, is on the stage.

“I love my job, my shop and my plant. We have an amazing team. Today, the plant is young people who move it forward. There are great prospects here, there is an opportunity to grow. You can do the same when you come to us at Perm Engines," said Armen Arakelyan.

Tatyana Snitko, ad interim HR Director at JSC “UEC-Perm Engines”, held a roundtable discussion on the implementation of the federal project “Professionalitet”. Since 2022, research and development complex enterprises are partners in the creation of the engineering cluster on the basis of the Perm Technical School of Industrial Technologies named after B.G. Izgagin. Perm Engine Plant is the base employer for graduates of the technical school. In order to form the competencies required for modern digital production, UEC-Perm Engines provided Perm Technical School of Industrial Technologies with two modern CNC machines, and also implements a program of practical training of future workers on its basis.

“It is important for the enterprise to increase the practical component in the training of future workers. According to the national standard, practice makes 40%, and theory makes 60% of the educational process. Within the framework of “Professionalitet”, we can change this ratio in favor of practice: 60 and 40. The dream of the employer is that practice should take up all 80% of the educational process”, noted Tatyana Snitko.

In total, representatives of more than 200 companies and delegations from seven countries took part in the VIII Perm Engineering and Industrial Forum-2023. Almost 4,000 people attended the forum over the three days of its work. Summarizing the results of the forum, Dmitry Makhonin, Governor of the Perm Region, said: "We need to invest in human potential. This means that companies should be more actively engaged in the development of technical schools and universities in cooperation with the regional government. We need to help children since their school days to make an informed choice where they will enter and where they will later work”.

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