Perm engine manufacturers took part in the opening of a new educational building of the aviation technical school


Heads of Perm Engines Research and Production Complex (part of Rostec United Engine Corporation) took part in the opening ceremony of a new educational building of the Perm aviation technical school named after A.D. Shvetsov.

Dmitry Makhonin, Governor of the Perm Region, regional ministers, and heads of the region’s leading industrial enterprises, attended the event. Opening the ceremony, Dmitry Makhonin said: “The industry of the country and our region has been developing rapidly in recent years. We must create all conditions for training personnel for the enterprises of Perm and the region. The new campus of the aviation technical school will be an additional impetus in this process. I thank all the project participants, partner enterprises, especially JSC “UEC-Aviadvigatel”, for active assistance in the project realization.”

The new educational building is designed for training 1000 students. The five floors house special laboratories for mechanical engineering technology and aircraft engine production, training workshops with versatile machines and CNC machines, web design and IT solutions laboratories, laboratories for engineering mechanics, foundry production, additive technologies, mobile robotics and a product testing ground with modern measuring devices.

The construction project of the new campus of the aviation technical school, the largest in Perm region for many years, was realized at the expense of the regional budget and charitable assistance of industrial enterprises for which the aviation technical school trains personnel. The most stable charity providers were the enterprises of Perm Engines Research and Production Complex, JSC “Reductor-PM”, JSC “UEC-STAR” and JSC “UNIICM”.

“Today, it is obvious to everyone that without its own civil aviation industry, Russia will never be a powerful, independent country. Large investments are being made to revive the industry. However, people, foremost, middle-level specialists, on whom the whole production is based, will revive the aircraft industry. We will equip the Perm aviation technical school in a way that universities are not equipped with: the best equipment, virtual and metal teaching aids. The main thing, guys, study and come to work at our enterprises,” urged Aleksandr Inozemtsev, Managing Director – General Designer of JSC “UEC-Aviadvigatel”, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The aviation technical school's pride is the class of aircraft engine design. Perm engine manufacturers have specially made full-size mockups of PS-90A and PD-14 engines for it. Studying the design of modern engines will make students' education relevant, more meaningful and interesting.

Kirill Makarov, 3rd year student of Mechanical Engineering Technology department, said: "The new, excellent building is fully equipped with modern machine tools, there are mockups of engines. We were waiting for the end of its construction and hoped to have time to study here. After graduation, I will most likely go to work at UEC-Perm Engines, and the CNC machining skills I acquired at the technical school will be useful to me.”

"Today, the dream of several generations of teachers, personnel, and students for a new building of the technical school is coming true. A new stage in our life begins. Very soon lecture halls, workshops, dormitory rooms will be filled with students. In time, the new campus will become as dear to us as the old historical building of the technical school. We will also be restoring it. I thank everyone who has invested energy, money, and, most importantly, soul into this project! We will justify all the expectations placed on us", assured Aleksandr Dicheskul, the headmaster of the technical school.

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