The heads of United Engine Corporation (UEC) told Perm students about the prospects of the engine manufacturing


In Perm, the heads of UEC, Rostec State Corporation and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation held a meeting with students of Perm National Research Polytechnic University – participants of the “Wings of Rostec” project and participants of the “Advanced Engineering School. Higher school of aviation engine manufacturing” project.

Oleg Bocharov, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade, Vladimir Artyakov, First Deputy General Director of Rostec State Corporation and Head of Board of Directors of UEC, and Vadim Badekha, General Director of UEC, spoke to the audience. The event was also attended by top managers of UEC and heads of the corporation’s Perm enterprises.

The country's aircraft industry has a grandiose goal: to multiply the output of serial production – aircraft and engines in accordance with the Comprehensive Development Program until 2030. This is not only a challenging task, but also new prospects and opportunities for young specialists at UEC enterprises. Employees of the enterprises need to overcome new scientific and technological challenges and maintain the country's leading position in the world.

“The enterprises of UEC are now working on new aircraft engines, and we need young ambitious specialists, who are able to create a technological advance for the development of conceptually new technologies for the next generation of engines.

As part of our cooperation with the Advanced Engineering School, we implement a unique training program and provide an opportunity to conduct researches at the sites of leading engine-building enterprises. A new perspective on aircraft engine development will allow young specialists to generate solutions that will become the basis for advanced developments. The new generation of engineers, whom we have been training for several years now under the “Wings of Rostec” targeted training program, will help to bring these ideas to life”, said Vadim Badekha, General Director of UEC.

Students of Perm National Research Polytechnic University and young specialists of UEC enterprises who came to the meeting asked topical questions. They were interested in support programs for new and current employees, career growth and development opportunities, software import substitution, student internships and traineeships in various departments of UEC, and development of critical technologies for engine manufacturing. During the discussion, the topic of creating student design bureaus to produce promising products and new technologies was touched upon.

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