Inventions of Perm Designers Won the Archimedes-2024 Medals


Designers of “UEC-Aviadvigatel” JSC (a part of Rostec United Engine Corporation) have presented their inventions at the XXVII Moscow International Salon of Inventions and Innovative Technologies “Archimedes” and won medals. Two works were presented to the international jury: “Repair method for labyrinth packing rings of the gas turbine engine discs” and “Control method for tip clearance in gas turbine engine”.

The work “Repair method for labyrinth packing rings of the gas turbine engine discs” has won the Gold Medal. Authors: Albert Kotelnikov, Evgeny Fursenko, Aleksandr Naimushin.

The invention relates to the repair process for granular alloy discs. This repair method features the pulsed laser deposition under special conditions. The substrate material is a heat-resistant nickel granular alloy; the welding filler is cobalt-based material. The deposited-metal zone is protected locally on the surface.

As there is no an available repair process for granular alloy HPT discs, in case of wear of the disc labyrinth packing rings it is required to repair mating nozzle vanes to renew stator seal – rotor edge tip clearance. The novel technique significantly reduces labor costs and the engine repair cycle as a whole.

Today, the EP741-NP granular alloy components are manufactured for PS-90A, PS-90GP-25, PS-90GP-25PA gas turbine engines.

The work “Control method for tip clearance in gas turbine engine” won the Bronze. Authors: Nikita Samoilenko, Nikolai Kashin, Sergey Bazhin.

The invention relates to an aircraft engine control, in particular to active tip clearance control systems (ATCCS) in gas turbine engines.

This method involves the tip clearance control in turbines based on the real-time mathematical simulation, and it is proposed to design the ATCCS of an advanced aircraft engine.

Gold and bronze medals of the “Archimedes-2024” show the worldwide recognition of scientific and engineering potential of the Perm Design Bureau’s specialists.

During the Salon, the UEC-Aviadvigatel on-line museum has been shown as a demo panel.

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